May 3

Rock Club Stage: Earthen, Paradoxx, Wrath, Blood Feast, Eldritch, Ashbury, Tryrant's Reign, Omen
Music Joint Stage: Gatekrashor, Dark Mirror, Vanlade, Innersiege

May 4

Rock Club Stage: Vindicator, Seax, Sleepy Hollow, October 31, Gates of Slumber, Shok Paris, Viking, OZ
Music Joint Stage: Olorin, Ancient Dreams, Demon Bitch, Borrowed Time, Winterhawk, Central Disorder, Lords of the Trident

With a full year available to us for planning, we were able to utilize all our gained experience and put together our biggest and strongest event yet. The people of Chicago finally saw the greatest metal fest in the United States within the city itself, held at the widely respected and popular Reggies Rock Club. These two factors alone contributed to a great turnout, much higher than we'd seen in our previous efforts. This year was also the start of adding our second stage for new up-and-coming bands looking to make a name for themselves.

Ashbury. If you were there nothing more needs to be said. If you weren't, you missed something magical. Yeah, I said magical; I don't use that word often, that's how awesome they were. OZ's first appearance ever in the United States. This year was our biggest success to date.


May 18: Stone Magnum, Borrowed Time, Blacksmith, A Sound of Thunder, Voltax, Pharaoh, Virgin Steele.
May 19: Ancient Creation, VOZ, Damien Thorne, Slauter Xstroyes, Skull Fist, Brocas Helm, Wizard.

Right after our first show in 2011, we started planning the next one. We decided to move it to Spring figuring it would draw more people for some reason. Getting everything done in such a short timeframe was nuts, but we pulled it off and put together a strong lineup. We also got a much bigger venue that is well known for having metal shows: Mojoes in Joliet. Unfortunately, attendance was affected by having the show so far out of the city, not to mention the NATO summit taking place during the same weekend. Regardless of the turnout, we knew we couldn't stop so we powered on to Ragnarökkr 2013.

Wizard's (Germany) and Voltax's (Mexico) first ever appearance in the United States.
Brocas Helm brought back together after announcing their break up at Keep It True.


September 30: Question of Madness, Ghost in the Ruins, Degradation, Hessler, Skullview, Obsession
October 1: Catalano, Iron Finger, Sacred Oath, Helstar, Cage

2011 was the first year and was thrown together in just three months. With little more than a month left to plan and all of the other major venues booked, our confirmed venue Reggies Rock Club dropped us, and we were almost forced to postpone the show. Eventually we found a small bar, Bada Brew, who was willing to give us two days for free. The show was perfect and history was made!

Helstar's return to the Midwest for the first time in over two decades (and James was stuck at the airport for 2 hrs while we were in traffic for 5). Cage featured songs from their unreleased album. Skullview was brought back from the brink.

PICTURES can be found on our Facebook page and VIDEOS on our Youtube channel.